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Shopping Curator Service Agreement

This User Agreement ("Agreement") is a contract between you and Qoo10 and applies to your use of the Shopping Curator Membership Services for the mutual benefits to both parties. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement relating to Shopping Curator membership Service. All other general terms and conditions not described in this specific agreement will be subject to Qoo10 User Agreement. Take note that this agreement does not grant or convey to you any title, interest, right to use, or otherwise any right, to trademarks, logos, copyright or other intellectual property owned by Qoo10.

  1. (1) Register as membership
    You, as ‘User’ hereby irrevocably agree and indicates intention to use the provided service in order to register the membership. However, Qoo10 reserves the right to refuse/reject the Users who would cause any harm to other users with inappropriate practice without any prior notice.
  2. (2) Service Scope
    Qoo10 is committed to put all its efforts to expose and activate any comments/posts written by Shopping Curator Members. Qoo10 shall be committed to use all contents written by Shopping Curator Members for its Promotion/Marketing purposes. You agree there could be some difficulties when using the services due to circumstances created by Qoo10 itself or by its Service Providing Partners. In extreme case, the service could be ceased. Qoo10 is not responsible for any damages or loss caused in those circumstances. Qoo10 takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any comments/posts written by Shopping Curator Members.
  3. (3) Duty of Shopping Curator
    All comments/posts written by Shopping Curator which considered to be in violation of the law or morality will be removed without any prior notice. All the damage caused by inappropriate use of Shopping Curator program will be user’s responsibility. Qoo10 is not responsible for all damage or loss relating to this inappropriate use of Shopping Curator program.
  4. (4) Copyright
    All Copyright and Intellectual Property related to Shopping Curator Services are reserved by Qoo10. Users are given the right to use the Shopping Curator services provided by Qoo10 only. Qoo10 reserves the right to make use of the comments/posts written by Shopping Curator for its Marketing purposes on its own channels or on its external channels without prior notice to the Users. Latest Updates : 2015/06/30

Share Affiliate Service Agreement

The following describes the terms and conditions of Q-affiliate membership service agreement written to benefit both Qoo10 and its users from the usage of Q-affiliate membership service. Other terms and conditions that are not written in this agreement but do exist in the Qoo10 user agreement may apply as well. You must read and accept all of the terms in this service agreement. This service agreement will apply whenever you use any Qoo10 services. We define ‘member’ in this agreement as a member to both Q-affiliate membership and also to general Qoo10 membership.
  1. (1) Participation in membership
    Your acceptance of the Q-affiliate membership agreement serves you the right to membership of Q-affiliate membership service. However, any use of service in violation of agreement, any illegal activity, or
  2. (2) Share Tools
    Qoo10 provides you with easy and various tools such as email, blog and social networking services. However, any of the services and tools provided can be abruptly suspended due to technical difficulties or any other reasons. You agree that Qoo10 will not be liable for any loss of money, reputation, or any indirect damages that arises from the service suspension.
  3. (3) Member Responsibility
    If you are under any suspicion of activity resulting in increased order cancellation, unusually high returns, spams, release of or stolen personal information or hacking, Qoo10 will have the right to suspend or deny any referral fee payment. Qoo10 will not be liable to any loss resulted from member’s illegal activity.
  4. (4) Payment of Referral Fee
    For items that completed shipment with no cancellation or return, Qoo10 will pay referral fee on [shipping complete date +15days] per day. Delayed shipment deliveries, low seller confidence, low Q-affiliate member confidence may result in denial or suspended referral payment. And for items that applied with Qoo10 special promotions(Lucky Price, Q•chance and the orders made from WisBean), referral fee will not paid. The referral fee 2%(up to $10) is calculated based on the sales price without coupon discounts, shipping fee, or other discounts applicable. Fees calculated to the fraction of cents will rounded down to cents. If lower than usual service fee is applied on items, less than 2% referral fee may apply or 0% referral fee may apply. In other cases, if the one who refers and is referred are identified as same member or person, referral fee payment will be denied. Also, if customer enter through bidding for keywords related to 'Qoo10' in search services such as Google, you won't be paid an affiliate reward. The time of referral payment and the frequency of payment may change without notice any time.Date Posted: Aug 16, 2017